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What Type of Automation Project you are planning

 Building a New Home Retrofit in an Existing Home Business Other

What is the approximate size of your property

 Approximately 20 square meter Approximately 25 square meter Approximately 30 square meter Approximately 35 square meter Approximately 40 square meter More than 45 square meter

What is the approximate value of your property

 Approximately $300,000 Approximately $600,000 Approximately $900,000 Approximately $1.2 million Approximately $1.5 million Approximately $1.5 million More than $ 2 million

What is approximate timeframe to start your project

Mention approx. handover date if you are building a new house

What spaces are involved in your automation project?

 Whole home/business Kitchen Dining room Master bedroom Other bedrooms Master bathroom Other bathrooms Living room Family room Home theater/media room Study Garage Outdoor/Deck/patio Pool Restaurant/bar Office Other

About Your Lifestyle

Tick if Yes
 Does anyone in your family have physical limitations that should be considered? Do you entertain a lot? Do you travel often or spend a lot of time away from your home? Is energy efficiency important? Do you have a need to monitor and view your house or office remotely ? Are you a smartphone or tablet user (iOS or Android)?

About Your Goals

What do you want to achieve with your automation project?
 Update the look of your home or business Update the look for resale purposes Improve the function of your home or business Incorporate energy efficiency & energy monitoring Provide added security with IP Cameras and smart Alarms Access and control from anywhere Automate your lights Automate your blinds & curtains Automate your Door Locks Automate your heating & cooling appliances Automate control of your AV Devices such as TV, Foxtel, Set-top boxes etc. Automate Garage Door Office Entry Access Control by Swipe Cards or Pinpad Any Other (Specify )

What do you want to control and automate ?

I would like ….

 to have all of my lights/Blinds turn off with one button press to have my lights dim automatically when a movie is startedcertain lights to be controlled automatically based on time of day to control my lights & blinds from my smartphone or tablet device to have certain lights & blinds dim/close automatically when I watch TV to be able to control all my AV devices from my smartphone or tablet device the TV show/movie to pause automatically if the doorbell rings to be able to listen to music from anywhere in my home or business to be able to watch video from anywhere in my home or business to be able to control my video & music from a touch screen interface to be able to control my Lock and Garage door from anywhere in the world to control my thermostat from smart phone or tablet to put my house into "Vacation" mode with one button, saving me energy while I'm away to raise and lower automatically, based on time of day, to conserve energy my thermostat to set my house to the perfect temperature as I wake up every morning I would like to control my smart alarm system from anywhere via smartphone automated door locks that automatically lock and unlock with my security code or smart phone IP cameras tied into my TSHX system for secure monitoring and control to receive an alert on my phone if any door is left open to be able to check on and control my home from anywhere

How many Automation Points you think you will need ?

If you are not sure provide a an approximate best guess

 Automated Light Points Automated Blind Points IP Cameras Smart Alarm Sensors (PIR, Door Sensor etc.) Automated Locks Number A/V Devices to be Automated Number of rooms where Audio/Video distribution is required Total Number of rooms that require automation (for all the above)

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